Friday, December 21, 2012

Leaky Shower?

A common problem I observe weekly is a shower that is leaking water and damaging the area below.

Determine if it is water supply or drain related. Cutting access holes to observe supply pipes, valves and drain fittings while operating is pretty straight forward. The extent of repairs can be determined and made.

If it is not water supply or waste pipe related, then there is a problem with the shower pan/shower drain itself.

Most Common Problems

  1. Lack of proper seal around shower doors. Either lack of Silicone or an improper installation can allow a small amount of water to escape each shower and cause significant damage over time.

Solution: Remove existing sealant and re-seal with a mold resistant caulk or silicone sealant. After drying completely, observe closely when in use.

  1. Cheep, flexible shower pan is in use. If the pan moves at all when you stand in the shower, it will eventually break the seal at wall juncture or at drain.

Solution: Replace with a reinforced pan that you cannot move or set pan in concrete when installing.

  1. Custom shower pan not installed properly. See diagram below for proper shower pan installation.

Solution: As shown in diagram: The proper drain is designed to accept water even if it somehow gets past the multiple layers of concrete (mud), rubber liner, tile mortar, tile, grout and sealer.

Follow these guidelines whether you have an existing leaky shower or are having a new one installed.
Stay dry!

Joe Nelson
Twin City Home Remodeling LLC

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